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Judy Larson (1)

Апдейт архивов:

©Judy Larson


The Fugitives

Medicine Crow;With Freedom For All

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The Gift

Eagle's Gift

The Defiant

A Time to Heal

Air and Escape

The Misfits

The Resisters

The Protesters

The Ghost Wind

American Horse

Water and Hope

The Elk Dog Tipi

The Horse Tipi

Ebenezer And The War Horse

The Crow Tipi

Fire and Flight

Judy Larson always knew she was going to be an artist. She was surrounded by them as a child, and was particularly inspired by her father, a professional illustrator.

Judy received a Bachelor of Science degree in Commercial Art from Pacific Union College in Northern California, then spent the next 17 years as a commercial artist, illustrator and art director.

In 1988, influenced by her love of nature and animals, Judy devoted her time to wildlife art. Her primary focus in each of her paintings is the animal, with the horse as a recurring subject.

Her unique approach to her work is through the use of scratch board--a technique that can render magnificent detail but one requiring infinite patience.

Scratch board, an old, but little used medium, consists of a smooth, thin surface of hardened China clay applied to a board. The subject is then painted solidly with black India ink to create a silhouette.

Limited Editions

Heritage Gallery

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